The Land Before Time is widely known to the public in many ways, in quite a few positive and negative. In one way however, it is known for its rather low-end animation quality. It is not uncommon for the sequels and (especially) the TV series to have animation errors; some minor, others downright egregious. This article is dedicated to listing every animation error that has occurred in The Land Before Time franchise, in order of which they first occur.

Animation errors in the films

The Land Before Time

  • In the scene when Littlefoot and Ducky first meet Petrie, Littlefoot appears with blue eyes in one shot.

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

  • During the scene where the grownups are arguing over water, Mama Flyer is briefly seen with her son, Petrie's coloring.

The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists

  • During the scene where the Old One and her herd arrive in the Great Valley, an oversized model of Cera briefly appears in the crowd.

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island

  • In the scene with the duckbill skeleton, a Brachiosaurus is seen having a long, black stripe on the back of its neck instead of a single black spot. It is identified here as a Pelorosaurus.
  • In the chase with the Cretoxyrhina, the shark has a number of errors. When it dives down into the water, it does not have sclerae nor irises, only pupils. When it bursts out of the water right before it bites the log the gang are on, it has black sclerae and white pupils. In a couple of shots, it also has no irises.
  • During the scene where Littlefoot catches Ducky after she falls from the clutches of the Sharptooth Flyer, Littlefoot's back is colored the same color green as Spike.
  • When the Plated Sharptooth attacks Littlefoot from behind, his eye bags are missing. This happens again when he corners the gang at the edge of the island.
  • Before the Plated Sharptooth leaps across the ditch to reach the children, there is weird skin growth coming out of his snout. The growth also appears on one of his brow ridges.
  • During one shot in the sharptooth fight, the Plated Sharptooth's snout changes from green to the same color of tan as his underbelly. The bags under his eyes are also not visible yet again.

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

  • During the scene where Grandpa Longneck admonishes Daddy Topps for being extremely rude to Doc, Grandpa Longneck has Grandma Longneck's coloring.
  • On three different occasions, the Allosaurus is accidentally (though correctly) depicted with three-fingered hands, though throughout most of the film, it has two. Also, in the first instance, the Browridge Sharptooth also seems to have four fingers on his right hand. As well, in the third instance, the sharptooth's head seems to be more rough than his head normally is and is missing his pupils.

The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

  • During the scene where the far-walkers arrive, a Prosaurolophus is depicted with scutes like a Spiketail. It is identified here as a Scelidosaurus.
  • During the scene where the grownups tell the Gang the story of Pterano, Grandma Longneck is briefly depicted with Grandpa Longneck's coloring.
  • During the song Good Inside, the back parts of Petrie's wings aren't colored in when he holds Ducky's hands.
  • Also during Good Inside, Cera's frill has an extra white bump on it.
  • For one frame in the movie, Cera's eyelids change to the same color orange as the rest of her body.
  • During one scene where the Far Walkers are walking to the Great Valley, an Apatosaurus louisae seems to have purple eyes instead of the usual white, and a Corythosaurus in the background is nearly as big as two Brachiosaurus

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

  • In two scenes, Camarasaurus is shown in the colors of other longneck species. The first error happens in the sleep story scene and has the longneck having the color of a Rebbachisaurus. The other error later in the movie shows it having a similar color to a Brachiosaurus. They are identified here as a Dicraeosaurus and Jobaria respectively. Also during the sleep story scene, a tiny model of the franchise's Brachiosaurus passes by with the other sauropods.
  • During one shot in the forest scene, a Brachiosaurus is depicted with the colors of a Camarasaurus. It is identified here as an Astrodon.
  • Strangely, in one scene where the Green Sharptooth lunges at Grandpa Longneck, she has a green tooth for about a frame.
  • During the sharptooth fight scene, there is an infamous shot wherein the Orange-Brown Sharptooth is colored green, and the Gray Sharptooth is colored orange-brown.
  • Also, seconds later, the Green Sharptooth and the Orange-Brown Sharptooth have their colors switched around.

The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses

  • During one shot, the eyes of one of the Fast Biters changes from red to yellowish orange. This could simply be the result of the lighting, however.
  • At the end, when all of the residents of the Great Valley are gathered around the Treesweet Tree, a giant Tinysaurus, a creature known for being tiny, can be seen among the crowd. It is identified here as a Bellusaurus.
  • An infamous animation error shows two fast biters as residents of the Great Valley, with the colors of rainbowfaces, around the residents near the Treesweet Tree. They are identified here as Erlikosaurus.

The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends

  • In one scene, Cera's pupils briefly become extremely large before she falls into the river. Later on in the film, her sclerae turn green and her irises turn white when she instructs Littlefoot to "tell them one of your wisdoms."
  • During the song Say So, Littlefoot's right eye briefly becomes transparent. Spike's chin is also briefly colored the same color green as the rest of his head.
  • During the scene where Cera asks the Yellow Bellies where their herd is located, Petrie's eyes briefly flash brown.
  • There's a rather unusual error that occurs multiple times throughout the movie, wherein the Hookthumb Sharpteeth are occasionally drawn as Tyrannosaurus.

The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave

  • In the opening scenes, a giant model of the franchise's Camarasaurus can be seen. It is currently identified here as a Dreadnoughtus.
  • On two different occasions, the Horned Sharptooth is correctly, though accidentally, depicted with four fingers, the first instance on his right hand for a few seconds, and the second instance on his left hand for a couple of frames.
  • It is unknown as to if it is an error or not, but the animators seem to take a nod to the Carnotaurus, whose name means "meat-eating bull", by connecting its horns together for about a second.

Animation errors in the TV series

Red Claw's green iris

In the opening of the show, the iris of Red Claw's yellow eye briefly flashes to green before the lightning strikes.

Limusaurus mother with teeth

During the scene in the episode, The Cave of Many Voices, where Red Claw's shadow looms over the family of Limusaurus, the mother is briefly depicted with teeth, a feature she doesn't have throughout the rest of her appearance.

Chomper with four fingers

During the scene in the episode, The Mysterious Tooth Crisis, when Petrie is giving Chomper back his tooth which he saved, Chomper has four fingers on each hand when he reaches out to grab the tooth.

Chomper with a dark blue snout

During one shot in The Great Log Running Game, Chomper is briefly depicted with a dark blue snout instead of a light blue one.

Cera on dry land

This is an infamous scene in the episode The Great Log Running Game. In the climax of the episode, Cera gets washed down the fast water, toward the Roaring Falls. Her dad, Littlefoot, and Spike go to rescue her. While Topps is pushing a large rock to block off her from falling down the waterfall, instead of Spike standing next to Littlefoot, Cera is shown next to him.

Old One coloring errors

During two shots in the episode The Brave Longneck Scheme, the colors of Old One briefly change to the colors of the rest of her herd.

Chomper with red sclerae

In a short scene in a flashback in The Meadow of Jumping Waters, Chomper has red sclerae, similar to the pre-art shift Tyrannosaurus.

Thud's green claws

In the same episode, when Screech and Thud are pursuing the children, Thud's hand claws appear green.

Cera with brow horns

In one shot in the episode, Escape From The Mysterious Beyond, Cera is correctly, though accidentally, depicted with two brow horns. One of her eyes is also strangely green.

Oversized domehead

In the scene in The Hidden Canyon where the grown-ups are gathering the children and forming a blockade to stop Screech and Thud, there is a very large Pachycephalosaurus that is almost as large as Grandma Longneck.

Red Claw with three fingers

In one shot in the same episode when Littlefoot is looking at the battle wondering what to do to help, Red Claw has three fingers on each of his hands.

Littlefoot's tail coloring error and Chomper with two fingers

Shortly after the previous error, when Littlefoot is looking at the treesweets, some of his tail is colored the same as his underbelly, and Chomper is correctly (though accidentally) depicted with two fingers.

Grandpa Longneck with red sclerae

A curious error made in the same episode, wherein Grandpa has red sclerae instead of white when he is about to knock away Thud. This happens for a few frames.

Grandma Longneck with Grandpa Longneck's Coloring

During the scene at the end of the episode, where Grandpa Longneck and Daddy Topps are pushing rocks to block the Hidden Canyon, Grandma Longneck is briefly seen with Grandpa Longneck's coloring.

Oversized longneck child

A curious error made at the end of the same episode, in which a model reserved for young longneck characters, such as Littlefoot and Ali, is applied to an adult longneck. It is identified here as an Amphicoelias.

Rock Circle crowd errors

Aside from the oversized longneck child, several other dinosaurs seen at the meeting at the Rock Circle at the end of The Hidden Canyon, have animation errors. The crest of one Corythosaurus fades in and out of the frame, while another appears to be floating. An Ankylosaurus is seen fused into a wall, while another is facing in the completely wrong direction. The left foot of an Iguanodon is fusing into the foot of a Euhelopus right next to it. Oversized models of Cera and Spike can also be seen in the crowd, with the model even being mis-colored in Cera's case. The Cera model is currently identified here as a Protoceratops. Even Red Claw can be seen in the background.

Ankylosaurus with no side spikes and shrunken Saurolophus

At the beginning of the episode, The Lonely Journey, Chomper passes by a pair of Ankylosaurus that lack the spikes on their sides. They are identified here as Pinacosaurus. In the same scene, one of two baby Saurolophus appears to be a shrunken-down version of an adult, instead of looking like Ducky.

Crestless Saurolophus

In one shot in The Missing Fast-Water Adventure, a Saurolophus is depicted without its characteristic head crest.

Crestless Brachiosaurus

In one scene in The Lone Dinosaur Returns, a Brachiosaurus is depicted without its characteristic head crest. It is identified here as Malawisaurus.

Sauropod model and ornithopod coloring errors

In one scene in the episode, Stranger From the Mysterious Above, a quartet of dinosaurs are seen with some errors. The sauropods appear to be scaled up versions of the model used for young longnecks, like Littlefoot and Ali, while the ornithopods appear to be coloring errors of the series' Maiasaura and Iguanodon respectively. They are identified here as Europasaurus, Rhabdodon, and Bactrosaurus respectively.

Lambeosaurus errors

In one scene in the episode, The Amazing Threehorn Girl, a Lambeosaurus is accidentally depicted with no eyes. Later on in the same episode, another Lambeosaurus is depicted with a flopped-over crest.

Malformed Rainbow Face

In one shot in the episode, The Amazing Threehorn Girl, a Rainbow Face appears, marking the only time the species appears in the TV series. However, it is quite clumsily drawn; it has a very fat beak, four fingers per hand, green stripes, a short neck, and no brightly colored markings on its snout.

Apatosaurus ajax with Apatosaurus louisae colors

In one shot in The Amazing Threehorn Girl, an Apatosaurus ajax is briefly depicted with the colors of the franchise's Apatosaurus louisae.

Bipedal and short-necked Camarasaurus

During one scene in The Amazing Threehorn Girl, a Camarasaurus is briefly depicted as bipedal and with a short neck. It is identified here as an Altirhinus.

Camarasaurus and Lourinhasaurus swapping

When Cera is telling her story to some valley dwellers, there is a Camarasaurus present, but in some shots, the Camarasaurus is replaced by a Lourinhasaurus.

Crowd model and color errors

In one shot in March of the Sand Creepers, miscolored models of Doc and Dara and a Lambeosaurus with a miscolored crest appear as part of the crowd attempting to force the Sand Creepers to leave.

Mama Swimmer with a brown nose

In one shot in March of the Sand Creepers, Mama Swimmer's nose is briefly depicted as being the same color brown as the rest of her head.

Sharptooth Mom with white eyes and no killing claws

In The Great Egg Adventure, an error happens where the sclerae of the Sharptooth Mom turn white, though they are supposed to be red. She also lacks a killing claw on both of her feet.

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