Information in this article is non-canon

Phonofoot,was a fancharacter created by JittereyDragon in his Rocks Fall Everyone Dies YouTube poop.He was reused in his latest YouTube poop,The Land Before Evereyone Froze to Death.

Character Overview

Phonofoot is basically Littlefoot with a phonogram replacing his normal head.Phonofoot can only say and repeat one frase.It flew real low.Phonofoot is shown to be an extreme annoyance in his youtubepoops.So annoying that,in one scene,he was shot to death by random people.One even said "Well that will stop him."


  • Phonofoot appeared in the Land Before Time 2 movie review,on YouTube.
  • Phonofoot is referenced in a fanfiction on Deviant Art.
  • Phonofoot is shown in many YouTube videos.

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