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Also before I start a page, this is my very first page on this wikia. Enjoy!

Zeta is a Pteranodon who is refered as a Flyer by the characters. She will be Petrie's sister. Her debut appearance is Ptera-saw Park 2 and it is ongoing. She kinda looks like Petrie making her a female version of Petrie.


She is a very naughty girl and flyer but she does behave and clean up her act.

She first joined Petrie's family July, 30th 2014.


She looks a lot like Petrie. But Zeta is beige and has brown eyes.

More info

You can find her here!

Information in this article is non-canon


  1. She is the second Flyer to be converted into a Comedy World character after Mama Flyer.
  2. Many people said she is a woman because she was converted into a Comedy World character.

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