Information in this article is non-canon

Zaine is a fictional character in the Land Before Time universe who appears in several roleplays in the Gang of Five forum. Zaine was created by LBTFan13.

Original character
Gender: Male
Color: Lighter shade of Green than Shorty, Yellow underbelly
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Longneck
Debut: Gang of Five Role Play
Creator: LBTFan13

Physical Description

Zaine's appearance is closely related to Shorty's . He is only a little smaller than him, and is colored a lighter shade of green. Zaine has red eyes and a light yellow underbelly. Unlike Shorty, Zaine's head is more flat like Littlefoot's.


When Zaine first arrived in the Great Valley , he was very shy and kept to himself all the time. Now Zaine is a very outgoing dinosaur who loves to play with his friends all the time. He is kind and helpful, and is always willing to make friends. He hates heights and just about anybody who wants to hurt his friends. Zaine hates discussing his past, but if needed he shares his life. On rare occasions, Zaine can be very cold and cruel if someone he cares about is in danger. He always stands up for what he believes in, even if it sometimes brings him against his friends, however he would never do anything to harm them.


Zaine is normally friends with all of the residents in the Great Valley. He especially shares a strong bond with Longtail and Dante.


When he very young, Zaine's herd was attacked by sharpteeth. One managed to kill Zaine's parents, but before it could go after Zaine an earthshake devastated the area. The sharpteeth fell in the crack in the ground, as well as the rest of Zaine's herd, leaving him to fend for himself. After wandering for days, Zaine met another dinosaur who gave him word about the Great Valley. Zaine then set out to find the Great Valley, but the journey was a dangerous one. After many many days of traveling, he finally found his new home in the Great Valley.


In some occasions, Zaine has a vision about his mother, though he is not psychic. Other times, his mother's spirit even appears and talks to him, giving advice to her son.

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