Information in this article is non-canon

Virgil is © to Starfallraptor on the Gang Of Five Forums

Original character
Virgil X. Skyclaw
Gender: Male
Color: Light blue with Gold Accents
Eye Color: Crimson
Species: Troodon
Debut: GOF RP
Creator: StarfallRaptor

Physical Description

His most notable feature is the X shaped scar on his face, which seems to accompany the strange gold pattern on his right arm.


Cold, unemotional, though fiercely protective of the few friends he does have.


A Bloody Beginning

Virgil was born slightly before Dante, and he lived with the pack until... The Skyclaw Massacre. He watched as his family was killed by other Sharpteeth, and he himself received the twin slashes across his face. Despite the massive fighting that took place that night, the massacre to his entire family, Virgil was exremely lucky as he only lost his right arm during the fighting, but through an unknown process, (some would consider define intervention) his father gave his right arm to Virgil, and through that gesture gave his older son another chance to live. Although Virgil escaped, he also knows that he was the only survivor, other than his little brother Dante, whom he blames for this, since he realized that his brother Dante was the only other survivor, Virgil believes that Dante may have had a hand in his families' death.

A New Score to Settle

Although where Virgil traveled to after the massacre of his family is unknown to everyone, it is clear that at some point Virgil found his way towards the Great Valley, and when only a days walk away after traversing the Mountains that Burn he came across the one thing he wasn't expecting, but glad to see anyway, his brother Dante!

Of course in order to get his little brothers attention, Virgil first had to resort to kidnapping, more importantly a member of the herd Dante was currently traveling with, and his target happened to be a flyer, whom he'd learn after abducting the youngling was Dante's best friend, and that made his choice even better as he began to question and torture the flyer until Dante arrived with the other members of his herd Kaga, Snork, and Strafe. Not wanting to fight so many of Dante's friends in close quarters Virgil continued to question both his younger brother and Longtail and began to notice something interesting about the young flyer being that he was more than what he claimed to be, but before Virgil could get the information he wanted from either of them Dante attacked.

The fight itself only lasted a few minutes before Virgil got bored and decided to turn and run to live another day.

His current whereabouts are unknown....

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