Information in this article is non-canon


Tucompso is a Compathsaurus (shorty sharptooth).   He comes to the Great Valley and befriends Chomper.  He also helps Chomper catch Fast Biters to eat.   He is is the roleplay The Return of the Tyrantasaurus.  

Tucompso lived with a flock of other shorty sharpteeth during the time he could walk, and up until the dusk end of the time of great growing. Because however in the tradition of his people both male and female shorty sharpteeth at this age must prove them selves in natures testing grounds. They go alone into the wilderness in search of the opposite gender from another clan who they will then bond with surviving together until they produce offspring of their own. After this they return to the clan of which ever one to have originated from it has the smallest population. Their back in the safety of their people they will continue to produce their second to last batch of offspring through out life.

This wasn't going well for Tucompso as he found no mate, only teeth, sharp teeth to be exact. On his epic fight for life his escape lead to his arrival in the great valley. He is happy that he is now out of reach of harm, just 2 problems, the great valley will soon become a warzone, and more importantly, no resident females.

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