Troodo, created by MongooseLover, is non-canon.

Troodo is a Troodon (Hidden Runner ) from The Greatest Adventure Trilogy.  He is first seen as the ex-boyfriend of Ruby.   Their relationship had gone south when Troodo got tired of Ruby's carefree personality.  Also, the two got into an argument about whether gettiing rid of Sharpteeth and Egg Stealers was best.  The idea had been brought up by the Fanged Flatteeth.  Later, the conversation turning to Chomper, whom Troodo thought must have turned bad but Ruby thought was still nice.

When Chomper turns up, Troodo mistakes Chomper for a dangerous Sharptooth and takes off, though Ruby doesn't spot Chomper right away like he does.   

Later, Troodo comes to the Great Valley, wanting to apologize to Ruby for running off.  He is annoyed to find that Chomper is around and that she is frieinds with him, but soon warms up to him.  He also realizes that he has lost the affection of Ruby to an Oviraptor named Oviro.  However, Troodo starts to fall in love with a Rainbow Face by the name of Galli.