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"Blood will shed from your own wretched self, predator!"-Theodore's most well-known saying

Theodore is a male Therizinosaurus from the great valley. he makes his very first appearance in "LBT: Theodore's Story"


Known for his serious attitude and will to fend for his life, Theodore has encountered many battles back when he was only 100 years old (A creature as big as Theodore could have an average lifespan of 300 years). He never gives up in a fight, no matter How badly wounded he was.

Theodore's claws

He was known for having the longest claws in the great valley. He even once claimed that in one of his clashes with foes, he decapitated his enemy with only three swipes of his claws to the neck. Even though he hasn't fought a foe for 90 years, he still sharpens his claws by rubbing them against a smooth rock.


The only battle Theodore mentions (other than the decapitation) was his clash with a massive Baratasaurus. He said it was his greatest battle yet, because the Baratasaurus was much bigger than him, yet one stab to the chest killed the monster. All the other battles Theodore have encountered remain unknown to fans, but it can be safley presumed that all of his fights were against sharpteeth.

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