Information in this article is non-canon
Sparky the green Triceratops

Sparky is a green threehorn (Triceratops), and leader of his friends. He was adopted by his Calar the Onehorn (Styracosaurus) and her children when his real parents died. When Sparky meet new friend Cera the Threhorn, she's look like him, he learn her be nice to her friends. After Cera introduces Littlefoot and his friends to her new friends, Littlefoot and Sparky become friends because their good leaderships of right things. When Littlefoot show Sparky around the Great Valley, Sparky be gasps then meet Cera's dad, Topsy. After Sparky let Topsy escape from Iron and his herds, Sparky get scar on his forehead, afterwards he and cera fell deeply in love.

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