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Species Spiketail (Stegosaurus)
Gender Male
Age Somewhere between 11 and 14
Alignment Good
Affiliations Blade Bunch
Family Unknown mother (deceased), Unknown father (possibly deceased)
Friends/Allies Blade, Patch, Rock, Vince, Shadow, Jo
Enemies Cliff, Trapper, Swoop
Favorite Food Oak leaves
Voice Actor Bill Fagerbakkle (his voice is just like Patrick Star's from SpongeBob SquarePants)
Appearances The Blade Bunch (first appearance; upcoming), The Blade Bunch II: The Lone Allosaur (upcoming), The Blade Bunch III: The Haunted Mountain (upcoming), The Blade Bunch IV: Lost in the Valley (upcoming), The Blade Bunch V: Journey to Skyscrape Peak (upcoming), The Blade Bunch VI: Expedition to the Ocean (upcoming)

I just don't get why some dinosaurs aren't comfy enough to stay in one place.

— Sledge wondering why some dinosaurs migrate

Sledge is a character in the upcoming series The Blade Bunch by MewtwoLucario. He is a Stegosaurus (or Spiketail) who is a member of the Blade Bunch.


Like Spike, Sledge normally has a calm, laid-back personality and is slow to anger. However, he has a habit to jump to conclusions, even if they sound wrong, weird, crazy, etc. Sledge is slightly unstable in certain situations, such as storms, earthquakes, and some kinds of conflicts. Despite that, he will always stay with and help his friends.

Songs that Sledge Has Sung

  • Friends Forever (To Survive in the Beyond)
  • Stay Together
  • Legend of the Lone Allosaur
  • Still With Me
  • Mysterious Happenings
  • Searching for Something (That Probably Doesn't Exist)
  • The Dreaded Valley
  • The Peak that Scrapes the Sky
  • Dive, Swoop, and Fly
  • It's Super Awful Boring
  • The Big Ocean


Early Life

Sledge's mother died from an attack by a Giganotosaurus before his egg hatched. Due to this, Sledge was raised by his father, whom he became very close with. During the Great Earthshake, Sledge and his father were trapped on the edge of a crumbling cliff. At the last second, Sledge's father tossed his son back onto the cliff, but fell with the rest of the cliff edge into the Great Divide. Orphaned and alone, Sledge sadly left the cliff.

More coming soon!


  • The only thing that can get Sledge instantly angry is calling him a Spiketail.