Information in this article is non-canon

Original character
Sharptooth Ruby
Gender: Female
Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Species: Velociraptor
Debut: Sharptooth Valley
Creator: Brekclub85
Favorite food: Meat
Favorite Songs: Yellow Belly Dance

Raining Sunshine
Party Girl
Homeless Heart (Syndra)
Homeless Heart (Syndra & Guido)

Ruby (Fast Biter) is the sharptooth version of Ruby. She appears in the fanfictions Sharptooth Valley and Sharptooth Valley II. She is a velociraptor like Screech and Thud. Just like in the regular series she is a friend of Chomper and the rest of the Gang.

Physical Appearance

She looks like other fast biters in the franchise, she is the most beautiful and young sharptooth version character in the sharptooth valley stories. She is the same colors as the Fast-Runner Ruby.


She eats mostly foods that Chomper would enjoy. Which would include crawlers and fish and sometimes meat of leaf eaters.


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