Q is a dinosaur that is the main character in the Fanfiction story, "TLBT: The Gang of Eight" created by TLBT Nerd. His name is reminiscent of the omnipotent beings in Star Trek, the Q, and Q from James Bond.

Q is a mix between a Gigantonosaurus and an Acrocanthosaurus, his snout has the color scheme of that of a Rainbow Face.

In the story, Q knows the gang very well, even when him and the gang first meet. He knew them well because he had been spying on them for most their lives. Q spied on Littlefoot in particular.

Q has a very brave personality, he never worries about death when fighting larger Sharpteeth than himself.

   Q prefers to hang around with Littlefoot and Shorty. Whenever anyone in the gang gets into danger, Q is there to help them.
   Later on in the story, Q is joined by his brother, José. Even later in the story, Q and José are joined by 2 more Sharpteeth, Q's other brother, Pyron, and their sister, Violet.

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