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Original character
Gender: Male
Color: Orange and black
Eye Color: red
Species: Pterodactylus/Pteranodon hybrid
Debut: The land Before Time XV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer
Creator: MongooseLover


Ptero is the only Sharptooth/Flattooth hybrid character in Land Before Time.  He is a PterodactylusPteranodon hybrid to be exact.  His father is a leaf eater and his mother is a sharptooth.  Technically, he's a Bothtooth too, though this is because he is a hybrid, rather than because of the natural diet of his species, and indeed Deino viewed him as a mutt.  Ptero is a Flyer.

The Land Before Time XV: The Sharp Beak Prince

He seemed to favor his father more than his mother.  Eventually, as her relationship is going south with her mate and she fears he plans to leave her, taking Ptero with him, she secretly lures her mate away from the nest and eats him in the dead of night.  Ptero, however, soon comes by, finally being able to fly and arriving soon after his father is killed.

The quick-thinking Agatha lies to him, saying that  his father Sydo was murdered by Leaf Eaters who didn't even leave the body.   She spends the next several years lying to her son, convincing him that his father was a Sharptooth and was killed for being such.  Ptero comes to despise leaf eaters.  Because he was fed them a lot by his father, he continues to eat Tree Stars years later.  Agatha tells him that that behavior is unbecoming of a Sharptooth and that he must stop it. Ptero also uses the Leaf Eater language, though he is billingual and can speak Sharptooth.  Ptero is irked that his mother makes him hunt so much, as part of him hates killing.  Other than kiling Leaf Eaters, something Ptero longs to do but Agatha won't let him, not until she feels he is fully ready and can kill without being spotted, lest he find out that he is a Flattooth, Ptero resents his mother's overbearingness.   

To keep his sanity, Ptero likes to play practical jokes on other dinosaurs.  After one such stunt, however, Ptero is told off by his mother and sent to bed early.  Finally having enough, Ptero takes off in the early morning, planning to explore the world.   After being chased by his pack all day, he finally loses them.   Ptero rests, but, before he can fall asleep, he encounters an Albertosaurus.   Ptero at first niavely assums that the Sharptooth is friendly, but, upon learning the truth, is about to get away by biting him in the hand.  

The Land Before Time XXI: Hunter Valley

The Land Before Time XXII: Journey of the Great Flyer

The Land Before Time XXVI: The Four Kinds Quest Part 1: The Time of Choosing

The Land Before Time XXVI: The Four Kinds Quest Part 2:  Journey to the Great Divide

The Land Before Time XXVI: The Four Kinds Quest Part 3: The Heart Whispers

Ptero eventually married Petrie's sister Reina.   

The Land Before Time: The Next Generation