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Petrie's Dad

Petrie's Father concept art

Petrie's Father

Species Flyer (Pteranodon)
Gender Male
Alignment Good
Status Alive (Thought to be deceased by his wife and her kids.)
Family Mama Flyer (wife), Petrie and his siblings (sons and daughters)
Favorite Food Tree Stars
Appearances Petrie's Big Catch (first appearance),

Petrie's Father is his long lost father, he appeared in the fanfic titled: LittleFoot And The Dinosaur Train: Petrie's Big Catch (Episode Special). Petrie's Father says that Petrie catch big chester the fish.


Early Life

In Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train: Petrie's Big Catch (Episode Special). He explains why he wasn't with Petrie's family during the past. It was during The Big Earthshake as he lost his way though the herd of dinosaurs so he had to stay at a small green place he found to live in.

Later, after The Great Valley was found, he decided to stay in it. He made a nest on a rock edge in a lonely way without his wife and kids.

First Adventures

Getting up from his nest to get food for himself but as he looks down he heard about Littlefoot finding a strange portal he sneakily went into it. This event happens in Littlefoot and the Dinosaur Train: Petrie's Big Catch (Episode Special).

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