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Species Flyer (Pteranodon)
Gender Male
Age 12 1/2
Alignment Good
Affiliations Blade Bunch
Family Unknown mother (possibly deceased), 12 unknown sisters (possibly deceased), 11 unknown brothers (possibly deceased)
Friends/Allies Blade, Sledge, Rock, Vince, Shadow, Jo
Enemies Cliff, Trapper, Swoop
Favorite Food Grapes
Voice Actor Jason Ritter (his voice is just like Dipper Pines' from Gravity Falls)
Appearances The Blade Bunch (first appearance; upcoming), The Blade Bunch II: The Lone Allosaur (upcoming), The Blade Bunch III: The Haunted Mountain (upcoming), The Blade Bunch IV: Lost in the Valley (upcoming), The Blade Bunch V: Journey to Skyscrape Peak (upcoming), The Blade Bunch VI: Expedition to the Ocean (upcoming)

Sounds more like "Death Staring Us Right in the Face" to me.

— Patch's reply to several "insane"-sounding things

Patch is one of the heroes in MewtwoLucario's upcoming The Blade Bunch fanfiction series. He is a "twelve-and-a-half"-year-old Pteranodon (or Flyer) who is a member of the Blade Bunch.


Though he isn't as courageous as the other Blade Bunch members, Patch isn't a "scaredy-egg" either. He's never afraid to go adventuring, stop the Cliff Crew, or state his opinion. He, ironically, has a tendency to get nervous around other Pterosaurs, but is perfectly normal around other species. Patch is rather protective and caring about his friends, which is probably why he doesn't want to do things that sound very dangerous.

Songs that Patch Has Sung

  • Friends Forever (To Survive in the Beyond)
  • Stay Together
  • Legend of the Lone Allosaur
  • Still With Me
  • Mysterious Happenings
  • Searching for Something (That Probably Doesn't Exist)
  • The Dreaded Valley
  • The Peak that Scrapes the Sky
  • Dive, Swoop, and Fly
  • It's Super Awful Boring
  • The Big Ocean


Early Life

When he was little, Patch was somehow separated from the rest of his family. Even he doesn't remember how he lost them; his biggest theory is that they accidentally left him behind while fleeing the Great Earthshake. Either way, Patch woke up and found himself alone.

More coming soon!


  • Patch believes that there is a parallel dimension where good guys are evil and evil guys are good. However, very few believe him.

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