Information in this article is non-canon

Orni is the main antagonist of the Land Before Time XX: Flowing Fire Danger and is an anti-heroine and later heroine of The Land Before Time XXV: The Four Kinds Quest.   Her father cheated on her mother.  Orni told on her father, her parents fought, and ultimately her father left.  Her brothers and sisters blamed her for her dad leaving and were unkind to her.  Her mother was also unkind to her and, when a huge Sharptooth showed up, decided to save herself and her other children, leaving Orni to fend for herself rather than risk her neck to save her.

Orni managed to survive by hiding in a crevice.  Orni later stole the Sharptooth's eggs for revenge.  After being deserted by her family, Orni became practically heartless.  Orni ended up a leader of a group of Egg Stealers of different types that didn't fit in in other places of Egg Stelaer society.   

She ate the eggs of all of Spike's siblings, and almost got Spike's egg, but was thwarted when Ducky arrived.  

She was ruthless, even toward her own crew, leaving one to possibly be eaten by a Sharptooth (he got away) and later leaving one to possibly be caught by Leaf Eaters.  

Orni schemes to use a teenaged Ducky as a pawn to pull off a great egg heist in the Great Valley.  Being near Ducky starts to make Orni a bit nicer.  

Orni first appears in The Land Before Time XX: Flowing Fire Danger and reappears in The Land Before Time XXV: The Four Kinds Quest.  

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