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Nat is a character of the fanfiction Land Before Time New Friends and was created by Nukascar101.

Nat is a young Giganotosaurus or three-clawed sharptooth as i call them in my stories. He is Friends with Fang and all those who are Fang's Friends. He can speak the language of both sharpteeth and leafeaters which was tought to him by Fang. Unless on a hunt he will very happily make friends with a leaf eater or even another sharptooth. In some ways he his calm and cool nature balances out Fang's hot-tempered and quick thinking and because of this the two sometimes get into arguments about which often end up in a physical fight due to there sharptooth natures.

Nat's father is the sharptooth from the Mysterious Island and his mother fell to her death during the earthquake that separated many families.

Physical Appearance

Color: Mainly black. Yellow stripe going down each side of his body, yellow stripes extending from the plates on his back when he gets older. White claws.

Eyes: Sharptooth eyes (eye 'white' is colored and there is just a pupil with no iris). Yellow.

Unique traits: Very rare coloring.

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