Information in this article is non-canon

Mitchelius Julius Appears in Land Before Time War of The Worlds on Both Fan Fiction and Devait Art Created by Amenapous



Mitchelius is a 1.4 Meters Tall and His Species is a Flatthooth Sharpthooth (Human) and is a Hyper - Immortal (Mainly a Type of Immortal That is Stronger than Your Normal Immortal Having Power of the gods, Metal Bones, Pultonium Vains) Mitchelius is 50 KGs and He is a TOTAL of 15 Billion Years old Some What More Older than Other New Roman Immortals


Mitchelius' Real Name was Mitchell Williams All his Life he has Ben Torcherd By His Cousins, Uncle, Mother, Grandmother . His Father Ran away when he was Two. By Ten and October 25, 2009 His Life Changed his Mother was Killed by a New Country New Macidoniods (a Group of People Copying The People of Ancient Alexandren the Great Times) His Grand Mother and his uncle too Dead A Battle Called Batarius ten Year old Mitchelius and a Few of his Friends Vsing 4 001 New Macidoniods Enventully Winning by Throwing Rocks and Killing some it's Troop and Using Thier Weapons . Later Sailing and Finding an Island with Many of the Islands on the Coast of Queensland Turning Into a Mega Island by Contrys like New Greeks, Aboriginals, New Egyptians. After a Rock That the new Romans Found that Hit Mitchelius in the Head That Made The New Romans Immortals any Immagrites Became immortals later Mitchelius Made Two New Inventions a Time Machine (Out of a Lancer Evolution Gen 10) and a Undiscrutibal Cheatalotor.

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