Khufu the Evil Domehead Leader is non-canon.

Original character
Gender: Male
Color: Black and dark grey
Eye Color: pale yellow
Species: Pachycephalosaurus (Domehead)
Debut: The Land Before Time XXIII: The Greatest Adventure Part I: The Time of Choosing
Creator: Mongoose Lover

Khufu is the leader of the Domeheads in the Mountains that Burn area.  They were hiding in the hostile environment there as cover until the time to bring in the Bothtooth New World Order.  Several years earlier, they had sent other Domeheads, posing as herbivores, to infiltrate the Great Valley.   As it was crucial that they not be exposed, the Domeheads in the Mountains that Burn had no contact with their Great Valley counterparts.  

They were hostile to all non-Bothteeth who entered the Mountains that Burn area, and killed Sharptooth, Egg Stealer, and Flattooth alike who dared get too close to the pack.   The Domeheads didn't want the world to know of the existence of Fanged Flatteeth, an existence which had only been revealed, if only in part, to Bothteeth.   

Not wanting the fact that they could eat plants, eggs, and other dinosaurs to get out, and spotting young Cera in the area and falsely believing her alone, Khufu sent three Domeheads, who weren't that bright, to kill her.

However, the timely arrival of Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike, who appeared to be a tar monster, scared off the three Domeheads.  Khufu was furious about this, especially after not finding any tar monster.

(To Be Continued)

Khufu was eventually killed by Ruby in the final battle.


Khufu is the name of the most tyrannical Pharoah.  

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