Information in this article is non-canon

Original character
Gender: Male
Color: Tan
Eye Color: Turquoise
Species: Apatosaurus
Debut: The Land Before Time XXIII: The Longneck Crisis
Creator: Mongoose Lover

Kaha is the brother of Littlefoot's Mother.  He, however, doesn't get along with his family and, for years, had pretended they didn't exist, and, reluctantly, they agreed to his wishes, not mentioning him to Littlefoot.  Kaha had left his sister when he had been expected by Bron to look after her.  

However, one day during the beginning of The Land Before Time XXIII: The Longneck Crisis, he comes to the Great Valley.  

Note: His name is Malayan for "Strong".  

Kafa can be found here:

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