Information in this article is non-canon

Fang is character from the fanfiction [ The Land Before Time New Friends ]

He was created by Nukascar101

Fang is a young spinosaurus or bladeback as I call them in my stories. He is about the same age as Littlefoot. He can speak the language of both sharpteeth and flatteeth. He became friends with a sharpbeak Ichetta, bellydragger Dillan, three-clawed sharptooth Nat and longtail flyer Angela when he was young and befriended Chomper only because he was in his seldom seen good mood. Unlike Chomper who lives the life of a kind sharptooth Fang lives as just a less mean sharptooth, happily choosing meat over insects. He often gets into small fights with Cera due to their fiery attitudes colliding and Fang’s pride and stubbornness stemming from the fact that he believes sharpteeth are superior to leaf eaters.

Fang's mother is an agua blue bladeback named Jewel but he doesn't know his father and his mother believes her mate to be dead.

Physical Appearance

Color scheme: Mainly darkish but still medium blue. Navy blue sail and one navy blue stripe on each side of his body. White claws.

Eyes: Sharptooth eyes(eye 'white' is colored and there is just a pupil with no iris). Red.

Unique Traits:Two of his upper teeth at the front are longer than the rest which causes them to stick out of his mouth like saber teeth when his jaws are closed.


Fang is hot headed and a quick thinker. He mostly looks at things from a sharptooth's point of view and while he does care about his friends the bonds he has with them are not as thick as those other have. He is aggressive and quick to attack which is sometimes owns him a scolding, beating or loosing a chance at a new friend. Some think that he may have some evil deep down inside which manipulates his actions causing the friendly but deadly attitude that he has. At his current age the only way he could make a new friend is if they are known by one of his current friends or if you is in his seldom seem good mood.








Leaf eater







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