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              Drake                                      Amber
Drake is a male Saurolophus and the Crush of Ducky and Amber. He is voiced by Drake Bell in The Land Before Time XIV and sequels. He was first introduced in the fanfiction The Fire Land Before Radiance. Amber appears in the fan-made video The New Children of the Land Before Time.

Drake's Physical Appearance

Drake has a dark green body, light green belly, and Red eyes. He looks just like Ducky

Amber's Physical Apperance

Amber has a bright purple body, a light purple belly, and Blue eyes. She also looks just like Ducky

Drake's Favorite Songs

Drake's favorite songs to sing are I Found a Way (Made by him) and Leave it All to Me (Made by Amber). Drake's talking and singing voice is provided by Drake Bell (Drake & Josh star).

Amber's Favorite Song

Amber's favorite song is Leave it All to Me (Made by her). She is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove singing and Crystal Allen (Anaconda 3: Offspring and Anacondas: Trail of Blood star)

Drake's Crush

Drake's secretly has a crush on both Ducky and Amber. He has kissed both of the before and tried mate with them both once.

Amber's Crush

Amber's crush is Drake, she has been kissed by him and enjoyed it when he tried to mate with her.

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