Information in this article is non-canon

Don is the father of Petrie. He and his wife Phyra and brother-in-law Pterano lived in the Mysterious Beyond. Pterano took his sister Phyra, who was nervous, to propose to Don, and Don accepted her at the Time of Choosing.   

They had a bunch of kids, including Petrie and Pip. Petrie was learning to fly when the Great Earthshake struck. Don thought his son had died, and saved the tree branch his son had been holding, which later became Petrie's snuggling stick.

Don went with Pterano and his herd.  It was falsely let off by Pterano for years, and as mentioned in Friendly Sharptooth Flyer, that Don's death had been by an inital Sharptooth attack on Don's herd, but this was not true.

Pterano and his herd had been resting and Don had spotting the approaching Large Claws and, rather than taking the time to save himself, had alerted his brother-in-law, a move which allowed him to be captured by the attacking Sharpteeth.  Right before his death, Don told Pterano to be a father to Petrie.

Pterano attempted to do this, but was banished for years, and then later banished for five additional years.  When he returned, however, Pterano did fulfill his brother-in-law's last request.  

Don was mentioned in Friendly Sharptooth Flyer, more was mentioned of him in The Time of Choosing, and the real information about his death was revealed in The Incredible Journey.  He appears as a ghost, along with Mama Longneck, and the Old One, in The Heart Whispers.  

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