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Deino is a Land Before Time fanfic villain from The Land Before Time Wiki/Fanfiction/The Land Before Time XIX: The Time of Choosing .    He is referreed to as the Fanged Flattooth, a rather sinister nickname just like "Sharptooth" for the villain fo the first film.He is a Deinocherius.

Deino sought to rule the world.

Deino is a murderous dinosaur mastermind who has caused the deaths of Littlefoot's Mother and the Old One, among others, in his pursuit of a Bothtooth New World Order


The Terror of the Mysterious Beyond (main title, one given by fearful reasidents of the dinosaur world whatever their kinds may be)

Fanged Flattooth - used sometimes directly, but more of a villain title like "Sharptooth"

Supreme Commander of the Great Valley (during his reign as the head of the Great Valley leadership)


Deino is one of the most complex characters in all of Land Before Time.  He appears nice to thoe he wishes to woo and will con Sharpteeth and Flatteth alike.  He despises all of the the Prehistoric Pals, though he originally favored Ruby as she was a Bothtooth, but wanted to kill her when she said she wasn't going to back him.


He is as tall as a T-rex and, like T-rex, can jump super high and long.   He can always do a backflip and jump backwards really far.  

He also is great at climbing and can swim.  Also, he can run pretty fast.

His claws are more deadly than a T-rexes, being bigger.  Indeed, he was able to use them to fight off Dark Claw (Sharptooth), Red Claw, Chomper, and his girlfriend Andromeda.

He also has a very cunning mind, and, though he isn't afraid to use brute force, will try and divide herds and packs from within, weakening them.  He secretly pushes separation of the kinds to keep them all divided, hoping to keep them from uniting and posing a threat to him.  While he divided non-Bothteeth, he and his minions were able to unite the Bothtooth herds, in preparation for his Bothtooth New World Order.  

He also, after framing Chomper for the death of Doc and the Old One, and framing Strut for the destruction of many eggs, was able to convince the Great Valley to make him dictator.  He was able, by secretly going around, convincing each herd that other herds were responsible for the death of Doc, the Old One, etc, was able to cause great strife among the herds and nearly had segregation back in place due to all the infighting.   His strategies even got Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Ali (the new leader of the Gang of Five after Littlefoot's banishment)  to fight amongst themselves for a while.  

He also, to be "kind and benevolant", removed all the rationing restrictions on all the food in the Great Valley, hence allowing the hungry herds, especially Spiketails and Mr. Clubtail, to nearly eat all the food in the Great Valley, prompting a food crisis.  He then suggested that the Valley of Sharpteeth had a lot of food and that, since their ancestors had beaten them before, that the Leaf Eaters have another go.  Also, he suggested that the Valley of Sharpteeth was behind Chomper's so-called attacks (which were really Deino's attacks) in the Great Valley.    The Combined Herd, really divided, went off.  Deino, of course, had tipped off Red Claw, who had managed to usurp the leadership of the Valley of Sharpteeth by driving off his brother Antiochles.  Red Claw knew many of his pack would die in this, but didn't care, as he still wanted revenge on the Great Valley and, indeed, WANTED some of the pack to die for siding with Antochles over him many years earlier.   Deino hoped the mess would cause enough Sharpteeth and Flatteeth to die to take over both valleys, thus allowing his New World Order to hold all the big food reserves in the region and allow him to complete his domination of the dinosaur world.

Deino may have been clever, but he understimated the unity Littlefoot could bring.  Also, he was vulnerable to Longneck tail whacks.    Indeed, both Littlefoot's mother and, ultimately Littlefoot, were able to best him using the Longneck tail whack.  


Deino's minions are many.  His first one was Sharptooth.  After Sharptooth's death, or so he thought, he eventually found Sharptooth's brother, Red Claw.    

Deino also, at some point, got RinkusSierraOzzyStrutScreechThud, and Fast Biter Leader to join him.

He also had Odul, Finley, Ela, and Liz working for him.  In addition, it is known that the Domeheads served him too as, did some of the residents of the Valley of Sharpteeth, who followed Red Claw.  

Deino greatly wanted Chomper on his side, as his intelligence level is higher than any other Sharptooth, save perhaps Andromeda.  However, Chomper was too friendly with Littlefoot.  


  • His is, without a doubt, the evilest Land Before Time villain, appearing to be good while really being bad.    
  • Deino is also similar to Prince Hans from Frozen and indeed is voiced by the same actor.
  • Deino is an omnviore, but often passes as a leaf eater to get leaf eaters off their guard and sneak around them, leading Sharpteeth to attack stragglers of herds.  
  • Deino can speak both Sharptooth and Leaf Eater.  
  • Though Deino often seems on friendlier terms with Sharpteeth than Leaf Eaters, it is eventually revealed that he has contempt for both of them.  
  • Deino is based off of Deinocherius.
  • He is based off of tyrants Scar, Darth Sidious, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.  

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