Information in this article is non-canon

Dante is a fictional character who appears in several Role Plays on the Land Before Time forum, The Gang of Five.

Original character
Dante S. Starfall
Gender: Male
Color: Black w/ Red ritualistic markings
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Species: Troodon
Debut: Gang of Five Role Play
Creator: StarfallRaptor

Physical discription

Species: Troodon

Age: Equivalent to an 17-18 year old human

Height: His head is about equal to Littlefoots

Coloration: Mostly Black, with Red stripes on his arms and the middle of his back. Long, Jagged scar on his left side, with multiple red lines leading to it. Fire-like Dark black mark on his right forearm.

Eyes: Pale Blue

Defining Characteristics: Necklace—Blue stone with the names of his new and old friends carved into it. Ring—Same type of stone, carved into a band around his right middle claw. Gift from Arius.


Dante is an eccentric, likeable raptor with a tragic past. Abandoned by his family for his mysterious powers, he wandered alone for some time until he met Arius, a raptor who took him in and trained him how to fight. After discovering the fact that Dante was blind in his left eye, he taught him how to use spinning movements to conceal that fact. Dante hates the sight of blood, and is actually a leaf-eater. His power, which is in fact the spirit of a long-dead sharpclaw daemon, is concealed within his left eye, and it manifests when his eye changes color from blue to gold. He also has a curse on his right arm, which imbues him with great strength, but it also deprives him of his sanity, leaving him a heartless killer. He tries hard to be accepted, and often will risk his own life to protect others. He's also afraid of Thunder and of Rocks Falling... his favorite food is Treestars while his least favorite food is Grass, he likes Sleeping and Goofing Off, however he dislikes having to work hard, being woken up.

Weapons: Twin straight branches carved into Boken, carried across his back, used as swords if he has to fight something too strong for his kicks. Unbreakable(?) Now, Twin swords that he can form at will, called Oblivion and Heartflame






Signature Abilities

Translating Sharptooth to Leafeater and vice versa Shinken-Ryu Combat Training Extremely strong—Can break large rocks easily


Seen chewing on small twigs often.


"Well, it would seem that way..."

"I will protect my friends. Even if it costs me my life!"

"I'll Help Too!"

"This... curse in my blood... was meant to protect others!"

"Hmm... not sure if this'll work..."

"I might be afraid, but I'll do what I can!"

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