All information related to Cyrix is non-canon
Original character
Gender: male
Color: Pale Green
Eye Color: Quartz Pink
Species: Gallimimus
Debut: One Long Tail
Creator: The Great Valley Guardian

Cyrix is a fictional character in the w:fanfiction story One Long Tail under its creator The Great Valley Guardian

Physical Description

Cyrix is a male rainbow face with pale green scales and red strips lining his back. He has the same colored markings on his face as most other rainbow faces, but his eyes are what stand out the most as they are a bright, and vibrant pink.


Very little is known personally about Cyrix's life, but one thing is certain, he is a wanderer and a teacher and he is not above teaching what he thinks is the "correct" view of things around him. It is also unclear exactly where he's visited aside from the Great Valley and even how he found his way there is a mystery. But once there he met someone he recognized almost immediately: His nephew Longtail. While no one knows Cyrix's true relationship to Longtail, he is frequently called Uncle by the young flyer, when in actuality Cyrix is Longtail's Godfather.

While away from Longtail's home island on the day of the catastrophe he was present the day Longtail hatched and was immediately given the title of Godfather allowing the rainbow face to look after the youngling should anything ever befall Longtail's parents. After hearing about the islands tragic fate, Cyrix traveled the Mysterious Beyond looking for Longtail hoping he'd escaped the island, and now that the two have been reunited in the Great Valley Cyrix has taken up his duty to watch over and protect Longtail, and as an added bonus he's also begun to teach Longtail how to out smart several sharpteeth at once in case he's ever in danger and can't find a suitable exit.

He has yet to state it aloud, but Cyrix also knows of Longtail's darkest secret of being a half sharptooth, but hides it from the valley residents for his 'nephews' safety and well being.


Cyrix is seen as wise to his adoptive nephew, and sometimes can be something of an irritant, especially when he tires to teach others. However he is kind, caring and seeks to reassure or comfort anyone who might need an ear to listen or a helping hand.


One Long Tail

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