Original character
Gender: Male
Color: Blue-green
Eye Color:


Species: Allosaurus /three-clawed Sharptooth
Debut: Twilight Valley
Creator: Jakayrta
Information in this article is non-canon

Blue Scale is a character that appeared in the fanfiction by Jakayrta Twilight Valley.

Physical Apperance

Blue-Scale is a blue-green three-clawed Sharptooth. He has sapphire-blue eyes and two red stripes running down his tail.


All characters of The Land Before Time series belongs to Universal and all fan-characters from Twilight Valley belong to Jakayrta.


Blue-Scale used to live in a place called Fang Valley, a paradise of Sharpteeth. After his brother failed a mission he was killed by the leader of Fang Valley, so Blue-Scale fled to find a new home. He risked sneaking into the Great Valley to find a new home, meeting up with his friend Raptix the Fast Biter at an unknown time. Later another friend, Diemos the Sickleclaw ran into their cave after entering the valley. From there the Sharpteeth heard a rockslide and guessed it had blocked off their way into the valley.

Soon after, the three saved Littlefoot from a group of Fast Biters and Sickleclaws from Claw Valley, another valley of Sharpteeth. Blue-Scale got help and the trio of Sharpteeth were allowed to stay. While Diemos and Raptix became fighters on the Great Valley side after the war fully started, Blue-Scale became a member of the Circle of Elders, along with Grandma and Grandpa Longneck, Mr. Threehorn and Mr. Thicknose.

After the Great Valley was conquered by Claw Valley and its mercenaries and the Great Valley dinosaurs fled to the "Big Water Meadows" (the place that the dinosaurs lived in temporarily in The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island), Blue-Scale served the same role. While Littlefoot and several others were on a mission to The Land of Mists to find the Night Flowers, which would purify the main lake (which had been poisoned), Blue-Scale led an expedition to the conquered Great Valley for a prisoner exchange, taking Pterano, Ptyrax (a Flyer), Hyp, Nod, Mutt, Shorty, Ms. Flyer, Ovius (a Fast-runner), Solo (a Runner), Dact (a Flyer) and several more Fast-runners. The purpose was to free Rytho (a Crested Swimmer), Ed (a Crestless Swimmer) and Vio (a Fast-runner), some Great Valley captives. Unfortunately, it failed as the prisoner (Rime the Sickleclaw) was actually one of Claw Valley's prisoners and he would not do anything for them (he actually killed two Claw Valley guards when he escaped before he was caught by Great Valley dinosaurs). Later he became the military planner of the Warrior's Council when it was created but his decision not to send a rescue party to save Chomper and Ducky from Cloud Island, an island being used as a prison by Claw Valley, due to the Sharptooth way of thinking made him very unpopular and his role was switched with Mr. Threehorn.

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