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Species Sharptooth Sailback (Spinosaurus)
Gender Male
Age 13
Alignment Good
Affiliations Blade Bunch
Family Lucky (father; deceased), Thorn (mother; deceased)
Friends/Allies Patch, Sledge, Rock, Vince, Shadow, Jo
Enemies Cliff, Trapper, Swoop
Favorite Food Salmon
Voice Actor Roger Craig Smith (his voice is just like Sonic the Hedgehog's from Sonic Lost World)
Appearances The Blade Bunch (first appearance; upcoming), The Blade Bunch II: The Lone Allosaur (upcoming), The Blade Bunch III: The Haunted Mountain (upcoming) The Blade Bunch IV: Lost in the Valley (upcoming), The Blade Bunch V: Journey to Skyscrape Peak (upcoming), The Blade Bunch VI: Expedition to the Ocean (upcoming)

Life's like sliding down a mountain. It's fun, terrifying, dangerous, and once it stops, you collapse from exhaustion.

— Blade's opinion on life itself

Blade is a character in the upcoming The Blade Bunch fanfiction series by MewtwoLucario. He is a 13-year-old Spinosaurus (or Sharptooth Sailback) who is the leader of the heroic Blade Bunch. Blade is most well-known for the fact that he, along with the rest of the Blade Bunch, refer to species, plants, etc. by their actual names. (E.G.: He calls the "Bright Circle" the sun, "Longnecks" sauropods and "Sweet Bubbles" grapes.)


Blade has a strong sense of adventure, which is why he prefers to stay out of the Great Valley. He claims that it is too small for him to explore in, preferring the Mysterious Beyond to have adventures in. Blade is rather cocky, positive, and an action-lover. His cocky and action-loving side is demonstrated in the fact that he's always ready to stop the Cliff Crew's evil deeds, even if it means going on a perilous journey. The positive personality is shown that, even when things look bleak, Blade will encourage his friends to keep going.

Songs that Blade Has Sung

  • Friends Forever (To Survive in the Beyond)
  • Stay Together
  • Legend of the Lone Allosaur
  • Still With Me
  • Mysterious Happenings
  • A Family so Far Apart
  • The Dreaded Valley
  • The Peak that Scrapes the Sky
  • Dive, Swoop, and Fly
  • It's Super Awful Boring
  • The Big Ocean


Early Life

In the Mysterious Beyond, a male and female Spinosaurus, named Lucky and Thorn, respectively, were gazing at an egg. It was the last one in the nest. They were hoping that, unlike the other eggs, this one wouldn't somehow find a way to resist hatching. The others had either been lost, crushed, stolen, or just plain refused to hatch. Unfortunately, the Great Earthshake that divided herds and families also killed Lucky and Thorn, while the egg fell down a newly-formed chasm. It safely landed in a bed of moss, receiving only a slight crack from the fall. Soon after, the egg hatched, revealing a small, blue, green, and red baby Spinosaurus.

More coming soon!


  • Blade's artwork doesn't picture him with the lines on his sail.
  • Though he is a Sharptooth, Blade doesn't have a problem with eating plants, unlike Chomper.

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