Information in this article is non-canon

Bara is a villainous Barapasaurus. She works with Liam Littlefoot goes out with her for a while but eventually breaks up with her when he realizes what she is.


  • Here name is a pun on Barapasaurus.
  • She was introducued, ironically enough, because people kept asking if Litlteofot was looking for a girlfriend based on some seemigly inconsequential remark of Litltefoot's about needing to be cool to find a girl.   Though Littlefoot does have a crush on Ali, her distnace from the Great Valley plus her feeling for Rhett did open up the door for Littlefoot to consider seeking a romantic intreest elsewhere.
  • She is the first evil Longneck in the LBT saga.    
  • In a running gag throughout the movie, Litltefoot and Bara almost kiss a few times, only to always be interrupted.  Near the very end of the movie, Bara tries to kiss Littlefoot, but he moves aside and she accidentally ends up kissing him on the hind end, at which point she freaks out and runs off, calling Littlefoot disgusting while Littlefoot's friends laugh at her.

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