Information in this article is non-canon

Bambo is a Threehorn from the Mysterious Beyond.  He comes to the Great Valley for the Threehorn Gathering and eventually decides to stay there with his mother.  He is a love interest of Cera.  He is at first speciest, as many Threehorns are, and is also sexist.  He kept saying that Cera, as a girl, could never be tough like a boy and hence had no hope of doing well in the Threehorn Gathering.  The two were at odds and rivals for the first part of the Threehorn Gathering but started to grow closer as time progressed.  It took him a while to become nicer to Littlefoot and the others, as he thought that Threehonrs shouldn't play with Longnecks or other non-Threehorns.  

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