Information in this article is non-canon

Athalias is a character from the roleplay, a Switch in Time.  She appears in the form of a Protarchaeopteryx / Anzu wyliei  (Please pick one)

Athalias has traveled so far west it became east as well as so far north it became south, having many adventures, and had decided to visit the great valley just because it exist. She is capable of speaking flattooth sharptooth and marine, and is capable of remarkable flight. She doesn't have much interest in males as she believes "Let them get ahold of you and you will be to busy nesting to explore, wily things they are." Athalias has many annoying antics but she is wonderful on the inside.

Diet: Her kind are scavengers and scroungers much like seagulls and crows. Thus she is capable of easy opportunities in the way of both meat and plants, yet she doesn't seem hostile to young flatteeth.

Songs: Unrecorded history only so far.

Appearances: A Switch In Time.

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