Information in this article is non-canon

Andromeda was introduced to mate with Chomper .  She at first believes leat eaters to not have feelings and has no qualms about eating them, even saying that she has done so before.   She is a resident of the Valley of Sharpteeth, and, as such, has a deep-seated hatred of the Great Valley, owing to a 100+ year feud over their expulsion by the first inhabitants of the Great Valley.  Despite therir differences,  Chomper takes a liking to her. Ruby also gets along with her.  She offers to take Chomper hunting, feeling that perhaps he is just bad at it, and that he is making up being freinds with leaf eaters to hide it.   

As she is the neice of both Sharptooth and Red Claw, and a descendent of the Meanest Sharptooth, this relationship is a bit star-crossed.  

[More to be added later]   




Purple Blue

Eye color

Reddish Green


Tyrannosaurus Rex


Meat (especially Longnecks), later, Fanged Flatteeth.

Voice actor

Idina Menzel (Elsa's voice from 'Frozen')

First appearance

The Land Before Time XXV: The Four Kinds Quest

Last appearance

The Land Before Time: The Next Generation



Andromeda is friends with many in the Valley of Sharpteeth.  She, like many of her leaf eater counterparts, doesn't like to associate with dinosaurs outside of her species.  

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