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Agatha is a Sharptooth Flyer and the primary antagonist of The Land Before Time XIV: The Friendly Flyer. She fell in love with a Pteranodon.  It was a poor relationship as time went on though, for who Agatha loved the most was herself.  

As time went on, she noticed that Ptero was spending far more time with his father than with her.  Also, she feared that, as their relationship was going sour, he might leave her and take Ptero wiht him.  Ptero's father gave him Tree Stars, which, as she couldn't stand them, she disapproved of.  



Gender:   Female
Age:  34 years
Color: Black
Eye Color:  Red  
Species: Pterodactylus (Sharp Beak
Alignment:  Bad
Origin:  Land Before Time XIV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer 
Favorite Song:    Listen to Mother

The Land Before Time XIV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer


Mongoose Lover

Favorite Food: Meat 

Family:  her mate (killed by her),  her son Ptero


Agatha is your classic over-protective mother .  She was based off of Mother Gothel from Tangled.  Even her villain song "Listen to Mother" is similar to Gothel's villain song Mother Knows Best.  However, unlike Gothel, she is considerably less charming.  She also actually is the mother of Ptero, unlike Gothel, who kidnapped Rapunzel.  

Agatha also does love Ptero, though this seems to be conditional on him doing her will and she can be quite cruel to him when he challenges or defies her.  After seeing her mate geting more attention from her son than her, and fearing that Ptero will like his father more than her and that he might join the leaf eaters and abandon her when he gets older, she lures her mate away from the nest and murders and eats him.  

While it is clear that she does care somewhat for Ptero, her narcissism ensures that he doesn't receive the love he needs.  She develops a strong hatred for Flat Teeth, perhaps stemming from her dislike of her mate.  She trains Ptero to also hate leaf eaters, telling him that they murdered his father for being a Sharptooth.  


She apparently commands a lot of respect and has a group of Pterodactylus and Ichthyornis at her command.  However, they don't seem to be too loyal to her, as they flee the Great Valley after her death.  

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