Information in this article is non-canon

This is sung by Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Guido, Ptero, Lorenzo, Thorn, Flavia, Dariien, Farrell, and Leafie when they are on the run from Velo and his other Fast Biter allies in The Land Before Time XXI: Hunter Valley.  It is the first song sung in this one.  

Lorenzo:  We are on the run.

 Being chased is no fun.”

Leafie:  Velo will tell everyone about me.

We’ve got to get out of Hunter Valley.

Littlefoot:  We’ve got to keep our head.

Then none of us will end up dead.

All:  We are on the run.

Being chased is no fun.

If they catch us we are done.  (Petrie sings it with his trademark bad grammar.) 

Petrie: Me have enough Sharpteeth for one day.

Me want them to go away.

Guido: I think we won’t do well in a fight.

Let’s be sure to stay out of sight.

Cera: (Bragging) I can take them with my horns!

They’ll wish they’d never been born!

Ptero: Oh we are on the run.

Those Fast Biters we really need to shun.

Darrien: (Sad) It really looks like Velo’s won!” 

Ducky: Oh what are we going to do?

Velo knows about me and you!

Velo: (Speaking in Sharptooth)  End of the line Lorenzo!

Lorenzo gets frustrated, slams his fist into a wall, causing part of the wall to break, revealing a passage behind it.

Lorenzo: (Singing)  Quick in here. 

Don’t wait for them to get near

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