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Information in this article is non-canon

This is the song that the dinosaurs sing to discuss the villain who is attacking dinosaurs left and right in the Mysterious Beyond in The Land Before Time XXIII: The Time of Choosing.

Ali: The Terror of the Mysterious Beyond

A creature so frightening.

A most wicked thing.

He's been going everywhere.

And he's causing quite a scare.

Tippy: He's never been seen.

But he is certainly very mean.

The foulest fiend in all the land.

Many have died by his hand.

Ali: A creature of such frightening fame.

Yet nobody knows his name.

Everyone all huddles in fear

whenever they hear that he is near.

Tippy: The wickedest creature there can be.

A fiendish master of villainy.

Ali and Tippy Together: Oh the Terror of the Mysterious Beyond.

The most frightening, Terror of the Mysterious, Terror of the Mysterious, Terror of the Mysterious Beyond.

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