Information in this article is non-canon

This is sung, to the tune of Big Water.   It is sung by Chomper and Ruby when they are telling the others not to go out at night in the Mysterious Beyond from their hiding spot in a cave, and to wait till morning to go back to the Great Valley.  This was the first song sung in Season 2 in the Episode "Night in the Mysterious Beyond".

Chomper and Ruby:  The Mysterious, mysterious Beyond! The Mysterious mysterious Beyond!

We don't want to go out there at night.

We'd rather not get in a fight.

We don't want to suffer a fright.

We'd prefer to stay in here and be alright.

And not go out there.

Chomper:  I'd rather stay in here and got some sleep

then go out there and met a fanged creep, a big fanged creep.

Ruby: No thanks I don't need a scare.

I'm not going out there. Not out there.

Chomper and Ruby Together:  Things that could rip off your arms, legs, and head.

Things that will catch you and leave you dead.

 We don't want to risk it so we're...

Chomper: Not....

Ruby:  Not.....

Chomper and Ruby Together:  going out there!


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