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Episode 27: Return to the Valley

This one was sung by Grandma Longneck and Shorty when they were wondering if Bron had been rescued and were preparing themselves for the possibility that he had died at the Fire Mountain.

Grandma Longneck : Remembering, remembering

is a kind of a funny thing.

Shorty :  It makes me think of time gone by.

And of those I hoped would never die.

Grandma Longneck :  And though you never want to say goodbye.

And though sad thought may make you cry.

There is one thing that you cannot deny.

Good, bad, or even sad.

You'll always recall the time you had.

Shorty : I'll always have my remembering.

Grandma Longneck and Shorty:  My remembering.


Episode 34: Sharptooth Family Reunion

Chomper: Remembering, remembering

Is a wonderful thing.

It  makes me think of times gone by.

Thoughts I’ll always hold dear,

Remembering makes reappear. 

And though I hate to say goodbye,

And even now that things seem bad,

I’ll always remember my Mom and Dad.

I’ll always have remembering.

My remembering. 


This song is sung in The Land Before Time XXIII: The Greatest Adveture Part 1: The Time of Choosing and is when Littlefoot is singing about his mother.  It is similar to Remembering from the TV Series.  It also reappears in The Land Before Time XXIV: The Greatest Adventure Part 2: The Incredible Journey.  

The Land Before Time XXIII: The Time of Choosing

Littlefoot: Remembering, remembering

is a very comforting thing
To think of loved ones from cold times gone by
and even though they may die.
Thoughts of her I'll always hold dear

She promised that she'd always be near.

And with her around I felt safe and that I had nothing to fear.

And even though she's gone away

She helped make me what I am today.

And though we are now separated by time and space.

I'll do my best to fulfill her wish to make the world a better place.

I think of her when I feel a fright.

And know that she's watching over me and that I'll be all right.
Remembering makes re-appear

The great times when I was glad.
But even when my thoughts are sad
I'll always have remembering
My remembering.

The Land Before Time XXIV: The Incredible Journey

Chomper, Velo, Lorenzo, Ptero, Andromeda, Flavia, Darrien, Farrell, and Thorn:  Remembering, remembering

is a kind of a funny thing

It makes me think of time gone by

A glad hello, a sad goodbye

Thoughts I'll always hold dear

Remembering makes re-appear

For good, for bad, or even sad

And whatever my fate may be

You'll be in my heart for eternity

And whatever I may choose

Those precious memories I will never lose

I will remember each and every happy day

And whatever happens my love of you will never go away

I'll always have remembering

My remembering.

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