Information in this article is non-canon

This song is the first song sung in the episode "Dana and Dinah Return". in the TV Series Season 2.    After Dana and Dinah are tricked by Cera into thinking that Chomper is a mean Sharptooth who eats young misbehaving Threehorns , the two are terrified of him and sing this song, which is similar in tune to Friends for Dinner .

Dana:  Mean hungry Sharptooth.   He’s a mean hungry Sharptooth!

Dinah: Oh no, what are we going to do?

Dana:  I wish I knew.

Dana and Dinah : If he finds us, he’s going to eat me and you.  We don’t want to be eaten by that mean hungry Sharptooth!

Dana: :He might bite off your head or crunch on your nose.

Dinah: He’ll munch on each and every one of your toes.

Dana:  (Moves near a green ferny bush)  Think he’ll find us if we hide underneath?

 Dinah: He will and he’ll use our bones to pick his teeth.  

Dana: (Points into a cave) Maybe he won’t find us in there.

Dinah: He’ll sneak up on us when we’re not aware.

Dana: Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll just leave us alone.

Dinah: When he’s done with us, they won’t even be able to find a bone.  (Dana shudders.)

Dana and Dinah: Mean hungry Sharptooth!  We don’t want to be found by that mean hungry Sharptooth!

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