Information in this article is non-canon

This is sung by Petrie when he realizes that Pterano has been lying for years about what happened to his father.

Petrie: Me been lied to

Me used to think that Pterano was so great

But now that really up for debate.

For what he do is really bad.

He the reason me no have a Dad.

Pterano: Petrie, for what I did I take the blame.

For what happened I feel the greatest shame.

Petrie: Me think you really lame!

Me been lied to.

Me so mad!

Pterano the reason me no have a Dad!

Pterano: (Spoken) Petrie…..I…..!

Petrie: Me trust Chomper and Ptero and that really big mistake!

Me thought the world of Pterano but he just big fake!

Me been lied to!

Pterano: (Spoken) Petrie….please!

Petrie: All because of your stupid pride.

Sharpteeth came and me Dad died!

Pterano: (Spoken) Petrie, I'm begging you…

Petrie: Me been lied to.

Me want you to go away.

Me cannot stand to be around you another day.

Me been lied to." sang Petrie.

Pterano: (Spoken) Petrie, my dear nephew, please….

Petrie: Me been lied to.

Me want to see you no more.

Me hope that you get eaten by a carnivore!

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