Information in this article is non-canon

This is the reprise of the same song from the 4th film .  It is sung in the 25th film.    


It takes all sorts

which we must see

It takes all sorts

to make us free.


It takes all sorts

Like you and me.


Short and tall sorts


Large and small sorts.

Littlefoot, Ali, Chomper, and Andromeda Together

To fill this pretty planet

with love and laughter

To make it great to live in

tomorrow and the day after


It takes all types

without a doubt


Dumb and wise types

every size types


To do all the things that need to be done

Oviro, Ruby , and Strut join in

To make our life fun

Find our place in the sun

Littlefoot, Ali, Chomper, Andromeda, Pterano, Petrie, Perrin, Oviro,  Ruby, Orni, and Strut Together

It takes all sorts 

to set things right

It takes all sorts 

to win the fight.

It takes all sorts 

to drive out the night

It takes all sorts

to fight evil's might  

Cera and Bambo Together

And the brightest way

the rightest way

According to reports is simply to

take all sorts


It takes all sorts

to make our day


Smart and slow sorts

Shorty and Dayo Together:

High and low sorts

Ducky and James and Lisa 

To make the world we live in

a place worth being

to try and make our future

a future really worth seeing

All Together

It takes every kind

to help you find

what you need to live

and help you learn to forgive

We need all types, to make our way

We need all types, to save the day


Tried and true types


Me and you types.

All Together

To create a world

that's truly worthwhile

That knows how to smile

how to do things in style


So the surest

and securest way

which everyone supports is simply to

All Together

Take all sorts

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