Information in this article is non-canon

This is the first song of the first episode of TV Series Season 2.  It is like the cannon song I Feel Mad only it has slightly different words.  Cera sings it when her father won't let the others play with Tricia anymore after he blames them for Tricia almost being killing by Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.

Cera: Well, it's not fair

We didn't mean for that to happen.
He doesn't care
Now I feel hurt on the inside
And Tricia is upset as well.
I can tell.
Makes me wanna yell
Smash rocks and kick them
Step aside
Get outta my way, 'cause I'm angry
And it's something I can't hide
But after all
I kick and stomp and roar
It seems that I
I still feel
that I can't take it anymore
I still feel bad
I'm still mad
So what now?

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