Information in this article is non-canon

This is the song sung by Bambo  and Cera in The Land Before Time XVII:The Threehorn Gathering.  Bambo was questioning whether Crea, as she is a girl, is tough enough to be in the Threehorn Gathering.

Cera: I'm really tough.

Even if I'm a girl I'm really rough.

Look around and you will see.

There is no Threehorn here tougher than me.

Give it up Bambo you cannot dissuade.

For there is nothing that makes me afraid.

Guess what Bambo I've got news for you.

There ain't nothing in the Threehorn Gathering that a guy can do that a girl can't do too.

Bambo: Go on ignore what I say.

You won't last through the first day.

Cera: Is that true?

Says who? (Rams her horns against Bambo, who quickly moves to block her. The two start to struggle, pushing each other back and forth.)

Cera: Oh I've really had enough!

I tell you that a girl can be tough!" (Moves Bambo forward, air coming out of her nostrils angrily)

Bambo: This contest is only for the strong.

Having a girl in it is just plain wrong! (Moves Cera forward, though with a lot of effort.)

Cera: I'm as tough as you can get.

And the truth of that is something upon which you can bet! (Knocks over Bambo)

Bambo (Grumpy)  The only one that can win is a guy.

That's a fact and I'm not going to lie.  (Rams her, sending her flying a short distance)

Cera: (Spoken in mock sweetness) You'd hit a girl? (Bambo nods.)  (Spoken in a threateningly calm voice) Very well then.  (Gets up and rams Bambo, sending him flying even further than he had sent her.)

Cera: (Defiant) I will do what I have to to get through to you.

Winning this contest is something that a girl can do!"  

(Bambo shakes his head.) YES!

Bambo: NO!

Both Cera and Bambo: Let me face you and you'll know!

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