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Information in this article is non-canon

This is the third and last song in The Land Before Time XV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer.  It is when the Gang accepts Ptero.  

LittlefootOh we are all different in our way.

But that is still ok.

Ptero : I'd never thought Flatteeth like you I'd ever be able to please

But then I never expected to have friends like these.

 Ducky: You may be different from you and me.

But there is more to us than what you see.

Petrie:  Ptero you no have to pretend.

Even if you a Sharp Beak, you can still be me friend.

CeraEveryone here agrees.

Ptero: I'm so glad to have friends like these.

Oh I thought Flatteeth were evil and bad.

But friends like you make me so glad.

Others: Oh we're so glad to be your friend.

Ptero: I'm going to be with you guys to the very end.

Petrie and Ptero Together:  Together we will fly.

Ptero:  Petrie is such a swell guy!

Petrie:  (At the same time as Ptero) Ptero such a swell guy!

Petrie and Ptero Together:  Through mountains, across the skies, and into the trees.

Ptero: I'm really glad to have friends like these.

Petrie(Same time as Ptero) Me really glad to have friends like these.

All: Oh we are all at ease.

Because we all have friends like these.



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