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Information in this article is non-canon

This song is like Eggs from The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure but has slightly different words.  It is sung by Ozzy and Strut in Season 2 Episode 2: Return of the Egg Stealers.

Ozzy: When I wake up

first thing I do
Is to look around
for something to chew
Feeding myself is very, very tricky
because you see, I'm ridiculously picky.

Strut: Ozzy, I don't mean to bother you but I think we should.

I don't think it will bring any good. 

Ozzy: This Struthiomimus
won't settle for the dregs
I'll borrow
I'll beg
I'll even hug you.

Strut: (Spoken) Hug me?

Ozzy: For my dear beloved dose...

of eggs.

Strut: Um Ozzy I don't think this is such a good idea
I don't like being chased or eaten.
Why not get a juicy little leaf
with a beautiful stick in it
Why not just give up on eggs
so that we don't have to risk it?

Ozzy:  (Spoken) Strut!

Strut:  (Spoken) What?!

Ozzy: You imbecilic eater

great green globs couldn't
possibly be sweeter
than a pile of eggs.

It's worth risking Sharpteeth even at night,

to get a tasty bite!

You've got to smell them, feel them, crack them open

for a great big nest full I am hoping.

Strut: Why don't we just admit that we've been beaten?

There's no risk in getting green.
It certainly couldn't hurt.
and we won't get eaten.

Ozzy: The colors and shapes and assorted sizes

gobble them all for appetizers

Strut: Ozzy, what's the matter with a little vegetation?

Ozzy: I've had it up to here with this aggrevation!

Strut:  Why not have a piece of a tree?

Ozzy:  Why can't you be more like me?

You leaf-loving.

Strut: (Spoken) Hey!

Ozzy: Bush-burping


Strut: (Spoken) Wait a minute!

Ozzy: Plant-popping, tree-tasting, always running,

Dirt-devouring beast!

Strut: (Spoken) Ozzy!

Ozzy: You've got to have eggs

Thrice a day

at least.

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