Information in this article is non-canon

This is the first song sung in the 12th episode of the 2nd season of the TV Series.   It is when the kids are bored because it is raining all day.


It's boring, boring

really, truly boring

when the Sky Water comes down all day.

It keeps coming down and you cannot play.  

You want to go on an adventure

and you want to go exploring

but it's just no fun to be doing nothing all day

No it's really, truly

very boring


It is boring, boring

really, awfully boring

when it's really wet


When you want the Sky Water to stop

and but after waiting for hours it still hasn't yet.

Cera & Ducky

When the you want have some fun

but it just keeps on pouring.


It can make you sad


It can make me mad

Chomper & Ruby

It's very, very

very boring


When there's no where you can go

and there's nothing fun to do

Ruby & Ducky

Then the day goes by so slow

and ya feel like your feet are stuck in goo


It's boring, boring

very, very boring

when it rain all day and you can't be soaring

It's very, very

Cera & Ducky

Very, very


Almost extraordinary

All together

Really, truly

very boring


I'm bored.

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