Information in this article is non-canon

This is the second song sung in the Season 2 episode "Return to Big Water":

Littlefoot: Big big big big water. 

We don’t like the very big, big, big big water.

Chomper: It’s deep and dark and dangerous.

Ruby: It’s scary and it’s strangerous.

Chomper and Ruby: And things could re-arrange-er-us

in that big water.

Cera and Petrie: Big big big big water.

It’s awfully big, big big big water.

Cera: Things could be swimming around under there

way down deep.

Petrie: Very very deep.

Mo: Mo see interesting things under there

but also Swimming Sharpteeth.

Petrie: Oh those Swimming Sharpteeth!

Ducky: Being underneath there is not a place I want to go.

Oh no, no, no.

Mo: It’s not so bad under there.  It’s ok with Mo.

All: Big, big, big, big water

The very big, big, big, big water.

Ducky: We wish the sun would rise up.

And make the water dry up.

Mo: (Spoken) Oh Mo would not like that.

Ducky: We wish to say goodbye-a…

All: To that big water.  Big water.

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