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This is like Bestest Friends from Movie X.   It is sung as the last song of TV Series Season 3.   It is also sung in The Land Before Time XXIV: The Greatest Adventure Part 2: The Incredible Journey.

Episode 78:  Showdown


The Land Before Time XXIV: The Greatest Adventure Part 2: The Incredible Journey

Petrie: Sometimes friends have to leave

It's very sad but true

But this me do believe

Friends still a part of you.

Ducky: And if you go away

And live some other place

I will think of you each day

And see your smiley face.

All of Littlefoot's Friends: And we will always be your friends.

(Meanwhile, in the Mysterious Beyond)

Chomper, Andromeda, Velo, Lorenzo, Flavia, Darrien, Thorn, Farrell, and Ptero: Sometimes fate can deal a blow.

Yet there is one thing that I know.

No matter how it will go.

This will always be so.

No matter what may be.

Whatever your destiny.

There is one thing that will be true.

I will always remember you.

(Back in the Great Valley)

Littlefoot: No matter what, I'll always be

Your friend.

I will always be your friend.

Although we're far apart.

(Back in the Mysterious Beyond)

Chomper: I'll see you in my dreams. And even if we must forever depart.

Both Chomper and Littlefoot: (They are in separate places) I will always hold you in my heart.

Ruby and Ali: And we won't be surprised if we meet again

And when we do, we still will be

Your friends.

Everyone: (Even though they are in separate locations) We will always be. Very truest, bestest Friends.

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