Information in this article is non-canon

This song is the 2nd song of The Land Before Time XVIII: Journey Under the Great Valley.  It is sung by the arrogant teengaed Littlefoot about what he will do if he gets the Fire Rock.

Littlefoot:  Littlefoot:  I can see it now.  Oh won’t it be great!

I’ll be cool and master of my own fate!

The Fire Rock will make me free!

I’ll control my own destiny!” sang Littlefoot.

“Oh you should think that through.

More and more you are not acting like you.” sang Ducky.

“Oh my horizons I will enlarge!

It will be great to be in charge!” sang Littlefoot happily.  The others, however, were not amused.

“I think you got hit way too many times in the head.

How about you just grow up normally instead?” sang Cera.  Littlefoot shook his head.

“It will be great to be in charge and rule.

I will be cooler than cool!

Instead of taking it from them they’ll be listening to me!

It will be the one everyone wants to be!” sang Littlefoot, starting to dance.  The others groaned at Littlefoot’s behavior. 

“Oh of grownups I’ve had quite enough!

Now I’m going to be the diamond in the rough!” Littlefoot continued singing.

“When are you going to get it through your head?

Stop going after the Fire Rock and grow up instead!” sang Cera angrily.

“Oh everything will be just grand.

I’ll have the Great Valley in my hand.

Things will be going mighty fine.

The Fire Rock will be mine.” sang Littlefoot.

“What would you do if the Fire Rock you ever had?

The way you going the type of leader you’d be is bad.” sang Petrie.  Littlefoot scowled at him. 

“There is going to be a lot I’m going to change.

A lot of things I’ll rearrange. “ sang Littlefoot, dancing more and climbing up a steep hill, trying to be a showoff. 

Ducky saw that Littlefoot wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, so stuck up was he.  “I do not think that way you should go.

Oh I would not do that, oh no, no, no!” she sang.

“Oh it will be great to be in charge.

Oh my horizons I will enlarge!

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