Information in this article is non-canon

This is the first song of The Land Before Time XVIII: Journey under the Great Valley.  It is more of a jazz theme song and is sung by the villains as well as the hapless Littlefoot.  

Liam: So you want to be cool?

You want to rock and rule?

(Littlefoot nods) 

Aang: You wanna be hot?

But right now you know you're not.

(Littlefoot nods vigorously.)

Louise: You wanna be number one?

You want to have all the fun?

Littlefoot: (Eagerly)  I do. I do.

I want to be like you!

Mandi: You want to be able to win?

You want to be one who's in?

Littlefoot; I wanna be the man!

I want to get as many admirers as I can!

Liam: Well, it can happen to you.

You just need to do what we do.

Littlefoot:  Oh that I would most like to see.

Everyone admiring the most amazing me!

Liam: Oh don't worry kid. Soon you'll be cool.

Soon you're gonna rock and rule!

All:  We're going to be the best!

We're going to be cooler than all the rest!

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