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Information in this article is non-canon

This song is also similar to Adventuring from the 10th movie and from the first season of the TV Series.  It is also sung throughout the second and third seasons of the TV Series.

Episode 30: Yellow Belly Adventure

Littlefoot: We're going to go adventuring.

Loofah: Adventuring?

Doofah: Adventuring?

Littlefoot: I'm goin' to go adventuring

and who knows what I'll find.

Cera: Will we be able to find some way

to get to Berry Valley and keep Red Claw away?

If he finds us it will wreck our day.

Chomper: I sure hope so.

Ducky: Will we go near a waterfall?

Petrie: Will me meet Sharpteeth big or small?

Ruby: I hope we don’t meet them at all.

Yellow Belly 1: I hope there’s lot of berries that we find!

Yellow Belly 2: And we leave all those pesky Sharpteeth behind!

All But Littlefoot: So if you go adventuring, adventuring

There's just one thing

You know what you are going to have to do?

You're gonna have to take us all

with you. 

We want to go adventuring too.

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